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The purpose of the article “How Climate Change Moves Mountains” by Taisha Mitchell is to inform us on how climate change affects glaciers and their erosion that in turn shape the landscapes and release sediments into the environment. As an example in the given text, the issue is caused by an increasing temperature in the Polar Regions that accelerates the rate of meltdown of those glaciers and that in turn shapes mountains and releases sediments harmful for the environment into water sources.

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The purpose of the author while writing his article was to state and explain how the growth of population across the world cannot continue indefinitely within a finite system. The main causes of this issue according to Cobb is that since the human populations continue to grow, our uses of energy and natural resources will also increase. One of the main point used by Cobb to explain his idea is the doubling time. This principle is a formula that permits to calculate the time it takes to double the number at a constant rate.

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This article from the Guardian serves a slightly different purpose than to alarm us of the obvious lack of resources available to feed the Earth’s population. Surely, it does that quite explicitly already in the title “Feed the world? We are fighting a losing battle, UN admits” however, it mostly concentrates on the price of said resources, how the growing prices make the available food unattainable for the poor.

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