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On January 23rd 2017, president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, signed an anti-abortion executive order that has far-reaching consequences for women’s reproductive health access worldwide. “Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, which was first put in place by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It prohibits giving U.S. funding to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion ― even if U.S.

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The American Presidential election of 2016 shed light to the businessman Donald J. Trump’s real value and intentions. Most people called him racist and misogynists although, on November 8, 2016, he was elected President of the United States. One of the reasons for his election was his view on Muslims and terrorism.

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Together, We Will Rise Up Gender equality has evolved a lot in the past years. However, this human right does not apply to all of the countries. Today, we can still noticed in several countries that women do not have the same rights or treatment as the men, which is problematic. Marching together to denounce this conflict could be a great way to send a message to the world.

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How many times have we looked at someone and, almost immediately, assumed aspect or even the entire entity that were staring at? This is an aspect of human instinct considered, at least for the most part, as normal. However, when this aspect and very malicious ideologies get mixed together and remains unchecked, the results can be very dangerous.

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