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Many of the reasons for biodiversity loss have to deal with poverty and education. Therefore, solutions that seek to deal with biodiversity loss first have to deal with these issues. The scale at which biodiversity is being lost is not only a regional or local scale but also exists on a global scale. Because of this, there needs to be action taken at all levels for any effort to be successful.

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A major motivating factor for many who are involved in the wildlife trade are economic gains. But not all of those who partake in wildlife trading are doing so on the basis of an economic incentive; many are also driven by cultural factors. These could be in the forms of: food, healthcare, religion, clothing, and sport (Behrens et al. 2009). The international wildlife trade is estimated to trade billions of live animals and plants globally.

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The objective of this blog is to address and provide a current discussion on animal trafficking and how it is impacting biodiversity.  The theme of biodiversity loss is not only impacted by animal trafficking, but also due to: habitat loss, overhunting/fishing, spread of disease, and the introduction of non-native species (which have with the potential to become invasive).

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