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Should the Olympic Games still take place in Sochi, Russia with the recent creation of laws against homosexuals, endangering the safety of gay Olympic athletes?

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Two Canadians, a doctor and a filmmaker, were arrested and held in a prison in Cairo, Egypt. The two men were present in downtown Cairo on their way to Gaza to train emergency room doctors and hope to film a documentary about it while violence between the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces was taking place. As they stopped to ask for directions back to their hotel after curfew at a police station that night, they were accused of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These men were had a number of false allegations held against them and were imprisoned.

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Parti Québécois government introduced a proposed legislation which called "Charter of Quebec values" that interdicts social workers from wearing religious symbols in the workplace. This proposal has led to an intense debate in the province. It makes many people choose between their beliefs and jobs. Some say that religious symbols do not do any harm to the society and if this proposal becomes a law it may be hard for them to find workers in some specific area such as daycares.

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