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wburg1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 17, 2014
When it comes to college, sleep is one of those things a student can’t ever seem to get enough of. Whether it’s pulling an all-nighter studying or an all-nighter partying, messing with your sleep schedule and your quality of sleep can drastically affect your learning potential. Sleep isn’t just important for school, it is also important for your health.

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Published in 2014 in the USA, How young is too young? Bolivia debates child labor law argues whether or not the minimum age allowed to work in Bolivia should be lowered, which is for the moment 14 years old. The Bolivian Union of Child and Adolescent Workers (UNATSBO) would like to abolish the minimum age for independent workers, such as children waxing shoes in the streets, and lowered the age to 12 years old for the ones who work for someone. Juan Carlos is a 13 years old boy working in a cemetery, cleaning the stones, member of the organisation.

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In the article “Achieving Diversity in Police Ranks No Easy Task” by Allen G. Breed and Sharon Cohen in the ABC News from September 14th, 2014 explain the lack of diversity in police’s all around. One police named Bill Carson from St-Louis suburb of Maryland Heights noticed a diversity problem. In a department of 79 officers, there are just one black and one Hispanic officer. In most areas, there are rarely more than two black and one Hispanic officer’s. Most officers worldwide consist of mostly Caucasian men. If someone is not a white male, they are considered a lower rank.

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Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is to this day a very delicate subject to talk about. By definition, euthanasia means to end a life intentionally for the purpose of ending someone’s suffering. Right now, it is not legal for anyone to aid a person commit suicide in Canada. Nevertheless, there are debates on whether we should have a law allowing dying adult patients to demand an earlier death and it seems that many people would be in favour.

4,056 | 3 | 0 I found this article very interesting.  In Texas, if someone is stealing from you on your property, you are allowed to kill them in defence.  In 2009, a man hired a prostitute and paid her $150.  After she refused to have intercourse with him and refused to give back the money, he shot her several times.  She passed away a few months later and he was not sent to jail out of reasons of self defense.

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