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The article that was chosen for this post is titled “'Extremely close to being gone forever': B.C. fisheries manager says feds failing Interior steelhead” written by Ash Kelly on November 6th, 2017. The province of B.C. has had falling numbers of their “iconic” fish, the Thompson River Steelhead. The article outlines that current management practices designed to regulate the commercial salmon industry is failing the Thompson steelhead as the species is experiencing low population numbers. According to Kelly, there has only been 240 fish found in the Thompson watershed this year thus far.

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The purpose of the media piece “Forest Update: National Initiatives Progress Legal Timber Trade, Sustainable Forest Management” from SDG Knowledge Hub is to highlight national developments in combating illegal logging and goals towards sustainable forest management. The main actors involved in legal timber initiatives are the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, the EU and the state. Issues that arise from the illegal timber trade include putting small-scale farmer’s land at risk for degradation and decreases the ability for the restoration of forests.

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