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While focus on masculinity, this article shows how this man who wrote this article admits he’s part of the man box, he defines his manhood by morals and values and that’s what will make him into a real man, saying a real man cannot be defined into just what’s in the man box but by parental bonding at a young age and having a proper education.

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To begin, the news article entitled ‘’ ‘No Natives please’: Kijiji pulls apartment ad for Prince Albert, Sask. after complaint’’ posted by CBC News on August 25th 2015, describes how an ad, posted on Kijiji, was composed of racist comments towards the Aboriginal population. To be more precise, the publication stated ‘’ 3 bedroom east flat house, no natives please’’, thus, allowing anyone to rent the residence, besides native individuals. The landlord also added how the tenant must have a stable line of work and that a stay at home mom was not considered a valid job.

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            The article: “Owner of Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross creates non-profit, RISE to fight bullying and racism” was written by Rebecca Lee and was published October 16th, 2015. The author discusses racist events which occurred in the history of the team and the efforts made by the current owner to make sure this sort of conduct is never seen in sports again. In 2013, the Miami Dolphins were implicated in a scandal when one of their players quit mid-season. Jonathan Martin claimed he had received several racist comment from one of his teammates; Richie Icognito.

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In the article, ‘’Where are you from? Is clumsy, but not racist’’, published on October 10th, 2015, Deena Douara claims that we have more issues with our prejudices rather than our visions when looking at racism. She also questions the statement ‘’Where are you from’’, as not being racist, but rather clumsy since it is usually based on a racist prejudice.

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            In the article ‘’It’s about racism’’, posted on CBC news on August 20th, 2015, discusses political tensions within the different parties concerning a racial issue in particular.  The main person involved is Tomas Mulcair, the newest leader of the NDP. The author explains that Mulcair believes there was unfairness when looking at a homicide case of an aboriginal woman that occurred in August 2014. Mulcair declared a ‘’Rally for Change’’, where he wants to persuade people that all races are equal.

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