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In a seemingly controversial move, the Ontario Government has canceled 3.8 billion dollars in their plan to further its investments in green energy, including solar, wind, and biofuel energy.  Since the Liberal Party introduced Long Term Energy Plan in 2013, there has been value conflict between the Liberals (party in power) and the Progressive Conservatives (opposition party) over the costs associated with the Liberal’s green energy initiatives.

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     Through time we have had many changes in technology in all of the fields it has an effect in. Technology effects media, health, entertainment, and just about everything else in our every day lives. One of the biggest things it has effected is communication. We have gone from sending letters by mail, to sending messages in a snap over the internet. We can speak to just about whomever we want, whenever we want. I can talk to my friends living in Brazil that I have met in college in a matter of seconds.

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Scandals like the Volkswagen emissions debacle put stress on customers, shareholders, and staff, but for the wrong reasons. Most organizations caught in similar scenarios panic about financial standing and professional reputation, and therefore it’s unsurprising to find that VW is far from being the only company caught cheating numbers in emissions trading schemes.

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Recently there seems to be an increase in women fearing that their gender will have a negative direct effect on the possibilities of getting a career, or that career ever advancing, and a fear that their wages will be lower simply because they are women. There is also a fear that because they are women, they have slim pickings for jobs they can actually pick. This is obviously a huge problem.

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Conflicts between Canadian indigenous peoples, government and oil companies are increasing. Oil companies are looking to construct new pipelines to bring Alberta tar sands to other parts of the world but to do so they must interfere with indigenous peoples’ traditional territory.

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In the article “Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution” the Guardian reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a health warning about deadly levels of air pollution.The high levels of smog are appearing in cities with high population growth, and is created by mix of transport fumes, construction dust, toxic gases from power generation and wood burning in homes.

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