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For decades our society has been constantly urbanizing, turning untouched land into skyscrapers and sub-divisions.  We are constantly attached to technology and glued to what’s going to happen next on social media. What if everyone took a step back and remembered what used to make most of us so happy when we were younger? Playing outside!! After researching the effects of how being outside affects mental and physical health; it’s evident that going outdoors has many positive benefits

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The article from the Guardian draws attention to the challenges of forest management within the Amazon in relation to climate change. Indigenous land rights are essential to push efforts of reducing deforestation. Climate change is linked to deforestation. The countries of South America that cross borders with the Amazon forest have claimed to eliminate deforestation rates. Countries including Peru, Brazil or Bolivia are committed to the Paris Accord and plan to take action in time for COP 20 targets.

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    Most people are very familiar with vaccinations; whether they have children that were vaccinated at birth, they remember themselves vaccinated or someone they know being vaccinated. It is a typical that the majority of people have received vaccines because, this is what we have been taught to be the best practice. There have been many requirements throughout the world, requiring students to be vaccinated to attend school.

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Ocean Acidification (Intro Music: 30 sec long) Leo:  Hey guys, my name is Leo Chai, host of Nature’s Radio Podcast and       today we will be having a special guest.  Harriet Minc, a biology student from Guelph University,  who is here to answer questions about her research on Ocean      Acidification.           Harriet:            Hi, great to be here today           Leo: Alright, nice to have you here.

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Scandals like the Volkswagen emissions debacle put stress on customers, shareholders, and staff, but for the wrong reasons. Most organizations caught in similar scenarios panic about financial standing and professional reputation, and therefore it’s unsurprising to find that VW is far from being the only company caught cheating numbers in emissions trading schemes.

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They say there’s a Canadian inferiority complex, but this probably wasn’t the ego boost we were hoping for: the World Resources Institute says that Canada is the absolute best in the world at degrading untouched forest. The CBC’s Emily Cheung reported in 2014 that between 2001 and that time, we were responsible for a staggering 21% of pristine forest that was either degraded or lost, even more than well-known deforestation hotspots like Russia and Brazil.

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The article by Susan Clark provides shocking highlights from this year’s “State of Nature” report. I am surprised to learn that the UK is so far behind on addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The UK has always maintained a lot of power, thus they must have the capacity to work harder towards these. Yet, the UK experiences high rates of decline among a vast number of species populations. Unless the serious action for conserving the nation’s biodiversity is immediate, the fate of nature and those that depend on it are grim.  

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