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My name is Jin! I'm from Okinawa.
I like basketball, any sports, watching movie , listening music ,sing a song.
I like SLAMDANK,it gives me power
I want to be a Engish teacher.Nice to meet you!


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     Have you been to Okinawa? There has many interesting things. You can enjoy that you come in Okinawa. Okinawa has many traditional culture, and food is good. So today,Okinawa was the fighting battle field, therefore you can learn about the World War Ⅱ. I will explain about Okinawa.

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     Today I am going talk about Japanese New year’s day. My New year’s day was good, when I go back Okinawa. So I had a good time while spending Okinawa. What did you do New year’s day? I played basketball , went to shrine and ate Toshikoshi soba. It was very interesting.

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This story about the Hanyu Yuzuru joined competition in Spain.but he bump into other player , he had injury at the his head.   However ,he won this competition. So some other skate player ‘s skate is very interesting. Therefore this competition is very interesting in Spain.I liked this story , because recently I interested in ice skate. It is very popular in Japan, so Japanese could won some competition. I enjoy that Japanese player’s skate. But I didn’t like this story, because he had injury. It looks like very heart.

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Japanese Halloween 5142052 Meika Wada        Today I will introduce about Japanese Halloween. Do you like Halloween? Japanese Halloween is different from original Halloween. So I’m going to talk about different point of each Halloween.

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     Do you know that aquarium starts becoming popular in Japan? I recently watched a special feature article of the aquarium on TV. I thought that how beautiful. Also I want to teach you it. So I introduce about aquarium and aquarium of my recommendation.

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Recently,Ken Takakura died at 83. He is the most famous actor in Japanese film. He appered a lot of Japanese movies, and he play many charactor on films. He is good at change the personality when he play the actor,after that he got best-actor award. Japanese actor surprised when they hear this news.   I liked this story, because he is very famous actor in Japan, and he is good at play movie charactor. I was surprised he got the best-actor award.I think this award get only him.But I don’t liked this story ,because he diedat 83. I felt unhappy,and sad.

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Japan has a lot of famous movie. Have you ever seen Japanese movie? You are impressed,when you watch the Japanese movie.Today I would like to talk about the Japanese movie.I focus three movies.Koizora,Eiennozero and haurunougokushiro.It is very fun.You should watch these movies. First,I will talk about the Koizora.[ Wikipedia 2014/11/17 ]This movie is based on the cellphone’s novel.The cellphone’s novel was trend,when I was Junior high school student.this story is a couple’s story. This movie’s ending is sad,because a boy died. He has a canoer, so he was divoroed from his girlfriend. But his girlfreind didn’t know, he has a canoer. After that they remarry,but he died. I recomend you this movie,because this story nonfiction and love story is very good. You can learn about If your most imprtant person have a couldn’t heel,what do you do. You can feel it. Second,I am going talk about Eiennozero. This story is based on the novel,and this main charactor was played by Japanese famous idol. This story is a World war’s story.Zero mean a fighter in Japan during warld war. Then Japanese thinking about “Give one’s life for thier country”. It is usually in the Japane during warld war, but this movie’s main charactor doesn’t think so.because He has family.even if people die,he want to live. It is imprtant for him to live.However he is good at drive a fighter in the sky. But he don’t like the war, and he know that is so bad.The reason why I recomend it, because the World war was killed many people. And it makes many people sad and scaried. A young man and woman don’t know that is scaried. So people should know that is not repeated by myself. Finaly, I would like to talk about Haurunougokushiro. It kind of Japanese animation and Jiburi. Do you know Jiburi? It is very famous in Japan and other country. This animation model of other country nature or Japanese culture. This animation is very good,because this story’s main charactor use magic. And happy end,so they think about what is the most important things for life. Other Jiburi story too,because this animation tell us about what is the important things?. You should watch it. In conclusion,Japan has a lot of many interesting movie. If you like movie,you should watch Japanese movie. Wikipedia 2014/11/17

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Tea has been a drink of choice around the world for many years. It is write tea of history. It is write kind of tea of each country. And there are question when I drink tea. This article is about manner of some countries tea. There are many difficult words. But I thought that manner is important. I will learn various manners. Most interesting countries of tea tradition is China. Because Chinese is value to drink a tea.    Reference 

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     This story talk about the professional basketball players.This story focus Kobe Bryant.this story compare the different other players.and His life and recods     I liked this story,becasue my favorite basketball player is “Kobe Bryant.he is good at get a point druing the games.His offence valuation is so is very exciting.but I didn’t like this story because this article has a lot of difficult is very defficult for me to read it.  Reference

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I like this article because I like baseball and I know him. Baltimore Orioles is good team because they has very good balance. But he grow up this team more strong team. This article explain about Buck Showalter. He is manager of the Major league. His team overcome many difficult and became a American League Champion.

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Halloween and Obon   5142034 Nao Tsukasaki                 It is said Halloween is the origin from the ancient Celts. This is done every October 31th. Obon is a Japanese traditional event. These words are well known for Japanese. I am going to talk about similar point, difference point and which is better of Halloween of Obon.

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Do you know UNIQLO? This is one of the most famous Japanese clothes shop. I am going to talk about UNIQLO. UNIQLO Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company presenting manufacturing and selling it in a lump of practical use clothing by a shop, a brand name of “UNIQLO”. The company was founded by Tadashi Yanai. He was born in Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan. UNIQLO was started in June in 1984. I was born yet. This company have many long history. And UNIQLO is known internationally. Japanese people often go to UNIQLO and buy a lot of clothes. UNIQLO’s t-shirts are called “UT”.

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This article about the Stevie Winder has projects.It is very interesting content,because the new album is remake.It is song by David foster.but he can’t song the original,So he change it.however stevei woder want to original. I liked this article story,because Stevie Woder is very good singer,and His songs lyrics is very I am happy because His song remake by David Foster.but I didn’t liked no original.he can’t sing original,therefore he changed it.  

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Today,I’d like to talk about the Japanese bento.Do you know Japanese bento?Bento meaning lunch box.So I talk about kind of bento,and recent bento style.Talk about the “Hinomaru Bento”, “Nori ben”,and “charaben”.It is very interesting for us.

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This article I read is written about online music. In the world, getting the music by the downloading becomes mainstream, but, in Japan, getting the CD is mainstream. Japan competes against a global music industry by the continuous attachment for the CD keenly. Also, Japan lays emphasis on selling a CD in particular. I like this article. It is harmful to the Japanese music company to get music by downloading, and they are going to strongly sell a CD to us. However, the Japanese who are going to download music from the Internet and application are saw well. By the way, I usually download from the application if I can’t buy CDs I really want.

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This story about the national basketball assosiations oweners story,it is very important in the NBA.and sarary informations.but they have a lot of  plobrems,so they can’t make up more team.I liked this article story because I liked the national basketball assosiation.My favorite team is Bulls and boston celticks.but I didn’t like managiment is very difficult for me.

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I didn’t know about Sapporo snow festival. I read this article, I learn many things. I want to see it so much.   This article introduce about Sapporo snow festival. The festival held 3 places. The main place name is Odori park. The park visited to about 2 million people. Oversea people came here too.    

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5142014 Jin UeharaToday I will talk about the New tourism in Japan.Recently,Japan appear something New tourism.Do you know something New tourism in Japan?I intoroduce about The Okinawa New turisim In Okinawa.there employs effeiciently the weather.For example marin sports,sports tourism and the nature.It is very interesting,please reading it.

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I am going to talk about my classmates summer vacation memories.I choose the three people “Tomoki”, “Keiichi”and “Meika”. They spent a good time thhis summer vacation.First , I tell you about the Tomoki’s summer vacation memories. He went to Live concert with his little sister. This live is the “Golden Bomber”. They are not playing the musical instrument,but their live is the very nice.He felt so the  good when he watched their Live concert. In addetion,he held on the BBQ in his house.I took part in his BBQ.We played baseball and playing in the water. I was enjoy it.

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My name is Jin! I'm from Okinawa.
I like basketball, any sports, watching movie , listening music ,sing a song.
I like SLAMDANK,it gives me power
I want to be a Engish teacher.Nice to meet you!