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      Assisted suicide has been a widely discussed ethical issue worldwide due to its extremely controversial nature and the question that only 14 countries, including Canada, have answered since 1940, should people have the right to demand assisted suicide? First of all, we need to explore the terms that needs to be met in order to demand such actions to take place, on June 17th 2016, new federal legislation came into effect by creating various criteria that the patient must meet in order to legally demand assisted suicide.

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If you’re a woman who is interested in politics and who wants to access the field, Equal Vote has a great volunteering opportunity for you!   Indeed, Equal Voice, founded in 2001, is a national organization that wishes to make possible the election of more women in Canada at any political level. They are fighting for equal distribution of men and women in the parliament of Canada. They are hoping for that to happen at both provincial and municipal level.  

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Help out and get your hands dirty by WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms -ing) it out Sainte-Angele-de-Premont with Les Potagers Sauvages, a family owned farm currently looking for volunteers. Wwoofing is a great way to help out small farms dedicate to providing an organic alternative to the massive farming corporations that dominate to field, literally. Volenteers can help out for two days up to a whole week, with room and board provided for them and up to two friends.

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Women all around the world are shamed for having abortions. whether it be because they have been raped, or simply don't want a child. there is an organization named WRRAP (Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project) that encourages women to do what THEY want to do. They are constantly in the need of volunteers as well. Click here if you would like to volunteer and make a difference for one woman, to know she has people encouraging her to do what she thinks is right.

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Mainstream media such as newspapers, radio and television have become an essential way of transmitting various news, events, tragedies and much more globally, but just how diluted is the information we are receiving on a daily basis? Many people may have never even considered the fact that the news they are given each day by known reporters and news analysts has been diluted to make it "consumable" by the public.

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