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Guillaume Hebert Nicole Fournier Sylvester Case Study Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences September 12, 2016 Harambe; did he need to die?

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Throughout the course of history, the differentiation and classification of the Homo sapiens species has played a crucial role in the success and achievement of those who have written it. Alas, for we all know, history is written by the winners, but what if almost half of the contestants that ever tried their chance at that glory were merely disqualified based on eye color or length of one’s fingers? Would we not scream for injustice, demand equality or even retribution on the behalf of all those unfairly condemned?

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         ISIS is now one of, if not the biggest terrorist group in the world right now. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is particularly dangerous with their radical opinions, and the group is known to fight for their religion, Islam. This is causing thousands of people fleeing Syria and Iran, as well as neighbouring countries who has been invaded by the Muslim group. Most of the migrants trying to get to Europe, arrive by the Mediterranean Sea by small wooden boats or rubber dinghies.

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