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About me:

Oh hi there!

I'm Ilias, student in Pure & Applied Science at Champlain College, in Canada. I love science! That is why I chose that program, but I like other things. Newactivism is really interesting to me, and I like to practice my photography and sculpture skills. I'm not a good dancer, but I like to dance. Also, I'm an avid hockey fan (Canadian stereotype checked!). I'd say my biggest strengths are my compassion, my adaptability and my commitment to whatever I do.

I am a Newsactivist because I see problems that bother me and that I want to change. Probably my biggest problem is division created by the news and our society. It's based mostly on race, gender or sexuality and I can't take take it. We forget sometimes that we are all human living hardships. We should understand each other, but it's not the case. I want that to change. Also, ignorance in the news and in social medias upsets me. People making opinions based on fake facts or rumors bother me a lot. I want the truth to be told. No #fakenews, no #fakearguments. Just the real. I hope I am not alone in this fight.

If you want to talk to me, I'm open. I prefer working alone to be honest, but it's good to hear other's opinions. I'm willing to work with anyone if they are committed to what he/she does. You can hit me up in the private messages, it will be a pleasure to respond to you.


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Throughout the semester, most of my research as been directed towards education. This research paper with be analyzing other country’s system and our system and compare them to see what works better and what doesn’t, the goal being to find a way to make school a place where people want to be rather than being a somewhat forced thing. Instead of delving deep into statistics of one way to do it, I will go through a more general idea and talk about 3 issues and ways of fixing them.

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The goal of this assignment and research is to provide a general understanding of police brutality in America. The utmost objective of this is to give an intricate view into how the police, over the course of the years managed to acquire such force and authority, how African-Americans have not had their voices heard and are sometimes less likely to speak out due to possible repercussion by the side of police and finally to observe the solutions to a problem currently affecting millions in the United-States.

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Équiterre’s mission is to help people, organizations and governments to live in a more ecological way and to accelerate that change. It has many projects, like ecological horticulture, fair trade initiatives, local food production and many more. It has a global reach, as it helped a Swiss village install vegetable gardens to help urban agriculture. Équiterre says that volunteering corresponds to their core values, as it promotes solidarity.

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Greenpeace is an independent organization founded in 1971 in Vancouver, Canada. Its goal is to protect the environment and the biodiversity while promoting peace and advocating the cessation of nuclear threats. It has been a big voice in the environment for a long time, and still is. Its members are running a campaign to help endangered whales. That’s not their only project.

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“VertCité manages projects and offers help in sustainable development, while being a privileged resource in that subject for the population” [traduction by me]. They focus their effort in the Saint-Laurent borough by “managing an eco-shop; the event ‘Érablière Urbaine’ (urban sugar bush in French); the program ‘Quartier 21,’ which encourages local initiatives in sustainable development; and many urban agriculture projects” [traduction by me].

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The article "Will Germany's new law kill free speech online?" written by Patrick Evans and posted September 17, 2017 on BBC News portrays the fear surrounding a new law in Germany. This law, called Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz, will be established in October. It would force social media to take down "blatantly illegal" hate speech in 24 hours and less "blatant" hate speech within a week. This rises concerns for some, as "hate speech" is not something clearly defined.

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I must say living in this century is coming out very difficult in many ways. Especially, to the most outspoken of us, the ones that try to make their best to express not only their beliefs but also to give us ,the population, the right to evaluate situations by having almost all the facts possible to be given. Yes, the journalists. Who are being mistreated all around the world in this right instant.  

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As of September 5th, 2017, the most recent fighting in Myanmar took place in the state of Rakhine, leaving approximately 400 dead and forced 40,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee their homes for Bangladesh, reports Rebecca Ratcliffe in The Guardian.

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