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The article “Bill 101 supporters gather in downtown Montreal” is very interesting because it raises an ethical issue concerning the province of Quebec. Since the arrival of the French and English settlers in Canada, there is a tension between them. The main reason is that they do not share the same culture and language. Until today, there is still a tension between patriots of both clans. And last Wednesday, 400 people manifested in Montreal to safeguard the French language. But is this a problem that deserves all those debates and events?    

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The religious charter that the Parti Québécois wants to install in Quebec consists of forbidding public workers from exhibiting religious symbols, such as the kippas and turbans. I decided to choose this subject because it is everywhere in the news these days it is impossible to ignore and because I find that it is so controversial. Montreal is known for being multiethnic, but this charter would express the opposite. Even though many people are against this, I think it has many good arguments.

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