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Hundreds of species go extinct every day, some that we know about and others that we never even discovered in the first place. Many people are willing to support an endangered species however in reality few of those endangered species are getting the support they require. This article discusses the impact the Canadian Government has on helping endangered species and unfortunately it does not look good. Canada has a 2-step process for protecting endangered wildlife.

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Marine and arctic ecosystems are some of the most fragile ecosystems in the world. So, when 24 countries and the European Union declared Antarctica’s Ross Sea as the world’s largest marine protected area (MPA) in October of this year, many people rejoiced (McGrath, 2016). The 1.57 sq km (600,000 sq miles) area is home to several species including Adelie penguins, minke whales and large amounts of krill (McGrath, 2016). The Ross Sea is also an important source of nutrients for the world as deep water upwelling and ocean currents supply the globe with nutrients (McGrath, 2016).

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            Nowadays, when sexual behaviors are publicly and openly portrayed through television and other electronic media, viewers, specially people in a development period when gender roles, sexual attitudes, and sexual behavior are being shaped, will have a different perception regarding virginity of a woman.  In addition, the movement for gender equality has successfully broken down barriers between women and men. Thus, it leads to a dramatical change in conservative attitudes towards virginity and premarital sex.

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As a child, boys and girls would always pick on the opposite sex about who was better. Little did we know that it was all based on the numbers of men and women that were in the world. Since 1960, men have outnumbered women in the world. Which means that for every 100 women there are 101.8 men. However, a recent map from the Pew Research Center shows there is an equal amount of men to women. Based on the map, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia are several countries that have the largest female population.

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In the article “Shock figures to reveal deadly toll of global air pollution” the Guardian reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a health warning about deadly levels of air pollution.The high levels of smog are appearing in cities with high population growth, and is created by mix of transport fumes, construction dust, toxic gases from power generation and wood burning in homes.

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                 Bees are important keystone species that are responsible for every third bite of food (NRDC, 2011). In an effort to protect these key pollinators, a new regulation on neonicotinoids has been put into effect by the province of Ontario on July 1st, 2015 (MOECC, 2015). Neonicotinoids are a group of pesticides that coat corn and soybean seeds, and are suspected to be the main cause of the bee mortalities that happened between 2012 and 2013 (Health Canada, 2014). According to the London Free Press, this spring was the first time farmers are working under the new regulation.

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