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The Kardashian-Jenner family has been under the entertainment media spotlight for over a decade. The members of the family always find a way to stay relevant whether it be by starring in their own reality television series, their high fashion modelling careers or their newest apps. While Kim Kardashian was the family member that sparked the initial fame, she received more than enough attention to be shared among all her family members. Through association with Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner was able to easily slide in to the modelling world.

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 Products including coffee, clothing, toys and shoes are typically considered normal goods in our western consumerist society however in developing countries, these products are often the reason children and adults are put to work in sweatshops. The workers are subject to unfair working conditions that are harmful to their health and well being. The work conditions are but not limited to unfair salaries, long hours, and unsanitary environments. Major companies such as La Senza, Nike and Wal Mart still use sweatshops despite the negative consequences of it.

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Many women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant face discrimination in the workplace. Whether it be a woman who is already pregnant and seeking to find a job, or a women who already has a job and wants to become pregnant, discrimination may occur. For a woman who is pregnant and looking for a job, an employer may deny employment to the pregnant women, although this is illegal it does happen in many cases.

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While the wage gap is a widely controversial topic, it does indeed exist. However, what most people do not realize is that this wage gap might be in place for a good reason. The United States percentage as a whole says that on average women get around 80% of the pay that men receive annually. That means if a man is making $100,000 annually, that on average depending on the state, a woman would make around $80,000 doing the exact same job with the exact same qualifications.

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           On December 2015 a New Zealand men’s clothing company called “I Love Ugly” put out some images to advertise their newly started collection of jewelry for men. The problem with these 8 images arises from the fact that the male model who is showcasing the rings by wearing them on his hands is also placing his hands on a woman who is completely naked. This is in contrast to the man who is barely seen but fully clothed. The images are also very racy and vulgar as the woman in certain images has her breasts exposed and her legs spread apart.

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        “Sex sells” is a common phrase we have all heard. Companies use it as a tactic to grab consumers attention and Gaspari Nutrition is not any different. The company specializes in science based sport nutrition supplements. They guarantee that this product will get men stronger, leaner and bigger. The founder, Rich Gaspari is himself a very strong, lean and big man, he’s won multiple titles including “Mr. America”. Ironically, this company does not come near to demonstrating recent american values which includes the equality and proper treatment of women.

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