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The learning process changes greatly over time and I was able to witness part of this change through a field trip to the Oslo Library that archives medical document as old as clay tablets from 2700 years ago. The book I had the chance to work with is the 12th edition, published in 1792, of an anatomical manual entitled The Anatomy of the Human Body by W. Cheselden, a surgeon of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, London. It is a book the size of a small agenda and of a few hundreds of page.

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Following the successful premium of his short ballet choreography, The Blue of Distance, Robert Binet, aged 24, speaks of his current project, an adaptation of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and his goals as a ballet dancer and choreographer. He says that ballet expresses emotions with a clarity that no other physical performance can do, so he wants to preserve this art and revive it with contemporary values, that is to break the gendered perspective of this art.

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The article “ It’s My Job to Raise Children Who Are Not Only Not Racist But Actively Anti-Racist “ published on the first of July 2015 and written by Mandy Hitchcock illustrates an aspect of racism in society from a different point of view due to the fact that she is a White mother of a four year old White son. The author demonstrates various facts in order to emphases the problem of racism in the United States.

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“To be successful, an ad must be persuasive on two levels. […]It should persuade that you need something; […] [and] must provide the solution” (Cortese 75). This quote simply, but clearly tells the nature of advertisement: create a non-existent problem and relate two independent matters. Also, to be able to persuade the public, an ad needs to attract, to have an eye-catcher.  Unfortunately, the advertisement industry has chosen the easy way: sexual appeal. They did not bother to ask the consequences of their actions, but have only put into actions what rimes with profits.

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In the article entitled “Lack of black players in South Africa team puts race under spotlight before World Cup”(TheGuardian, August 13th 2015), the author, David Smith argues that racial inequalities persist in the world of sports, specifically rugby. In effect, he exposes the debate taking place regarding the quite small proportion of black people in South Africa rugby team.  He begins by pointing out the fact that the racial diversity illustrated in the World Cup ads is not representative of reality.

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