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Remember the movie Limitless? What if the pills really worked? In my opinion, I remember ``Limitless`` starring Bradley Cooper because I really loved it. The whole movie revolves around a small pill that you take and lets you use 100% of your brain, therefore becoming very intelligent. But this is only a movie; it doesn’t exist in real life. Wait, does it? In fact, private surveys showed that many students in universities across North America use ‘’smart drugs’’ to enhance their studying abilities and therefore, their grades.

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                    Canadian faces an issue towards gun owning and gun control. The government holds a registry that permits us to know who has a gun and basic information about that weapon. For some people this is offending and needless spending of money in addition to being a violation of privacy and freedom. Those in favour of the registry says it is valuable to law enforcement and could potentially save lives.  

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In reference to the article: Dec 28, 2012.

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