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The sea has many problems, some being the destruction of coral reefs, water pollution, global warming, acidification and also overfishing of sea creatures. Although all of these may take long to reconstruct if it is at all possible in order to save the ocean, the goal is to do something about it and start somewhere to make the difference. Overfishing is a big problem because this reduces the amounts of species in the ocean which also has reduced the fisheries of their stock by up to 90%.

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Deforestation is a major problem due to the different kinds of living species and plants that are dying. Although some of the causes of deforestation are done by forest fires, humans are the main problems. With logging in place this is a main cause of the issue. People harvest lumber, usually bringing the wood to sawmills or to a lumber yard. Logging causes the forest floors to dry out which creates a higher risk of forest fires. Calculations have been done to see how much logging has damaged undisturbed forest each year in 1996 and 1997, which was 10,000 to 15,000 km2.

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Coral reefs are not only to be looked at, they contain a large variety of species in which we humans use as our source of protein and as a source of our medically active compounds. The destruction in coral reefs are usually caused by human activities, diseases and climate change. Human activities such as over-fishing, destructive fishing practices and pollutions from pesticides and herbicides. Examples of diseases would be black band disease, white band disease and other band related diseases which are a type of fungus. Climate change is the largest cause of the loss of coral reefs.

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A research was made by Danielle Green, a fellow in the Biochemistry Research Group at Trinity College in Ireland, on the impacts of plastic bags on the marine life. Her main questioning was about whether basic plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags had the same effect on the oceans. After nine weeks of experiments, she found out that plastic bags diminished the quantity of microalgae by blocking the access to sunlight, oxygen and nutrients.

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Consuming vegetation as the main source of food in our daily lives is in fact harmful to our environment and ourselves. The amount of genetically modified organisms in our food is not only unnatural, which is what fruits and vegetables are supposed to be, but while we spray our crops with pesticides, it is killing all the micro-organisms in the soil. Intensely farmed crops like soy and corn that are often genetically modified to keep away pesticides are given to animals in their feed.

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Lately, the issue around environment has been extremely important. For example, we've heard a lot about Trump's famous pipeline in Dakota that will pollute the Native Americans'  water, but America is not the only country having environmental issues, it happens here in Canada too. An article published the 25th of February in 2017 on L' avantage's website by Jean-Philippe Langlats rises the importance of pressing the issue to our government for 100% reusable energy.

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