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Article: BC Hydro Missed Rare and Vulnerable Species During Site C Environmental Assessment, New Research Shows By Sarah Cox, Oct. 25th 2016

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As Americans, we often regard ourselves as leading the charge against the unethical treatment of individuals with regard to gender. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that we are stuck in the dark ages when it comes to the mindless and senseless practice of male circumcision. To demonstrate the ugly reality of this unnecessary operation, imagine this: the parents of a newborn take their child to the doctor. They tell the doctor they want their son's nose fixed. The doctor is confused by this request, so she asks the parents to explain the problem with his nose.

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  This year marks the 10th in a race to bring up bison numbers across North America. Now at this anniversary bench mark, the effort to save the bison have been touted as a success, the first success of its kind for America’s conservation programs. So much so that America has decided to name the bison their national mammal. Around thirty-thousand Bison now roam in their native habitat, however thirty thousand is actually less than one percent of the original population, so why the celebration? The answer is that very few thought that the American bison would survive at all.

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Diana Mehta of the Canadian Press wrote an article for the Toronto Star titled ‘St. Lawrence River is ‘slowly dying’ U.S. environmental group warns’. In this article from April 13, 2016, Mehta explains that the Moses-Saunders Hydropower Dam is actually harming the river system by not allowing natural variability in water levels, which are vital to maintaining a rivers health, according to the environmental group. The environmental group has asked the U.S. and Canadian governments to work together to safeguard the river and by doing so, help the wildlife in the area as well.

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