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Little girls from around the globe grow up watching Disney and aspire to be a future princess. I have myself grown up constantly watching Snow White, Aurora and Cinderella. The Disney franchise has a dominating presence in our children’s lives. This then leads for the franchise to have an immense influence on our children’s perception of what is right, what is wrong, and most importantly for young girls, what they should expect when they are older. Disney has provided a very distinct image of the female characters in their movies.

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Does celebrities power in the media influence society in an unethical way?

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       Processed and genetically modified foods are being eaten by almost everyone, every day. Almost every food at your local store has been processed or is genetically modified to taste good, to look good and in fact to be sold at a cheaper price. GMOs are done by “extracting DNA from one species and injecting it into another” (Dr.OZ). While processed foods being quite similar are when you add chemicals to raw, natural foods so the process of making the product is faster and therefore able to produce great quantities of the product.

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    Women’s opportunities in the workplace (i.e. access to fair pay, to pay supplements, and to advancement) are limited in comparison to those of men.  This is a gender discrimination issue, as a result of the beliefs, values, and attitudes that are being promoted by workplace culture. Certainly, workplace culture promotes the status of women as subordinate to men, as evidenced by the gender pay gap between men and women.  The gender pay gap refers to the difference in pay earned by men and women.

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