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The rare book presented above is called De la demonomanie des sorciers written by French jurist Jean Bodin. His work was published in the late 14th century, between the years of 1592 and 1593 in French. De la demonomanie des sorciers is generally written in French; however, there is Grecque as well as Latin. It's estimated weight would be roughly 500 grams and dimensions would be 17 centimeters by 11 centimeters, making it a relatively small book.

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Yisel Perez Aguiar  Anthropology 381-204-LA  The myth of race and the reality of racism  Group 544  October 19th 2016  Trump and modern racism 

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With Halloween season coming up, many are anxious to decide what they will dress up as this year. Among mythical creatures like fairies and werewolves, we can find some more realistic costumes that represent real groups of people, such as Native Americans. While some may think that it is acceptable to dress as a tribal chief to go trick-or-treating, others believe that it is unacceptable and appalling. Accordingly, the following will discuss a recent issue where a Saskatchewanian woman spoke up after finding Indigenous costumes in her local Spirit Halloween store.

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The advertisement is conveying gender superiority.  Women are perceived as objects that can be tossed into a trunk according to a man’s perspective.  The women are dressed scandalously, enticing men, like when Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple.  The message tells us that females should be submissive and to take particular care of their physique in order to please men.  Notice how the three women were also white females.  This refers to the p word that is often unjust and critiqued in society.  That word is privilege.  A person’s worth is based on their intersectionality.

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