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Aaron Morrison wrote in the International Business Times on April 22nd that democratic lawmakers are trying to pass a legislation that would combat racial profiling in local police departments. Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Ben Carding announced their intention of presenting "the End Racial Profiling Act for the third time in the last three sessions of Congress". The previous bills were not able to obtain hearings.

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    In the wake of (allegedly) racially-motivated instances of police brutality in Ferguson, Mississippi and New York City the hashtag #blacklivesmatter took Facebook and especially Twitter[1] by storm. Its popularity grew to the point that recording artist Prince made reference to it in a Grammy presentation[2]. The hashtag speaks to growing concerns about a racially-motivated American judicial system, specifically with regards to on-the-ground police officers.

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Many countries have been attempting to reduce or limit freedom of expression. Canada for has not been spared. After the attacks in Ontario and Quebec in October 2014, the federal government want to create laws that would silence citizens and certain views.

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            In the world of business ethics, the topic of intellectual property has become a true hot-button issue. In an economy where ideas are of increasing value over tangible resources, the theft of these ideas is now a punishable offence. As widespread as the discussion of this issue is today, the concept of intellectual property theft first came to public attention in the music industry, where it arises in two ways: an artist stealing content from another artist (the “sampling” debate) and a listener stealing from an artist through illegal downloading of content.

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