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Guillaume Hebert Nicole Fournier Sylvester Case Study Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences September 12, 2016 Harambe; did he need to die?

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In the article “A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Euthanasia Among Medical Students at Two Polish Universities”, written by Leppert, Wojciech, et al. in 2013, the researchers tried to demonstrate how young adults viewed the ethical issue surrounding euthanasia and assisted suicide. They surveyed over 500 students from two universities in Poland to see if the younger generation was more in favor or against the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide for incurable diseases.

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                                                                                                               Ban on burkini morally right or wrong?       In the News   In the British Newspaper the Guardian, an article was recently published Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 entitled “France’s burkini ban row divides government as court mulls legality”. The article attracted so much attention because of ethical and moral principles that represent two entirely different and opposing moral claims.

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In this article written by Radio-Canada, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) strongly advises the federal government to not legalize marijuana for citizens under 21 years old. Most consumers who purchase cannabis for recreational purposes are teenagers or young adults aged between 14 and 25 years. The association affirms it is a pretty big issue of concern, which is why it claims to control the THC level in cannabis consumed by young people. Actually, in this case, THC is a substance that in long-term can affect a developing brain.

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