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In his article ‘Anyone can be a white supremacist. Just ask Raven-Symoné’ published in The Guardian, October 14th, Steven W Thrasher argues that anyone can perpetuate white supremacy and maintain institutionalized racism, even African-Americans. The author states that Raven-Symoné’s idea of refusing to hire someone because of a ‘black sounding’ name explains why black unemployment is twice as high as white unemployment.

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Have you ever been discriminated, made fun of because of your skin color or felt like you didn’t belong somewhere, well you’re not the only one. Serena Williams, 3 time winner of the French Opens, and many more has been discriminated a lot. In the article called “Serena Williams subjected to racism, sexist remarks following French Open victory” by the WITW Staff (Woman in the World) published on June 8th 2015, they talk about how Serena Williams continues to be targeted by racism and sexist remarks about her body.

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