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Over the course of this semester, I have written, commented, and submitted a collection of posts to Newsactivist. In this project, our final Newsactivism post, I will reflect on my news summaries, my volunteering opportunity, and the overall connection between all the work I have completed during this semester.    

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I care about the topic of drug-free treatment for mental illness because I strongly believe that it should be encouraged around the world. I’ve seen people in my life that are close to me suffer from mental disorders and the horrible side effects they had to go through while taking pharmaceuticals and visiting doctors every week. I care about it even more than I did before because I know a lot more about it now. In order to get my results, I read and analyzed specific chapters from 3 different novels that I found the most relevant to my topic.

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Climate change is becoming more of a serious concern; not only as a way of threatening our capitalist and economic development system, but also our own health, philosophy, freedom, and rights. However, even with activism today, there is a lack of contribution that environmentalists are heavily seeking from the general public.

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In the article "Climate change warning grows colder" by Stephen Ewart, published on the Calgary Herald on April 8, 2014, the UN Intergovernmental Panel has made a clear warning, in its latest report, that there is little time left to take action, and reduce the use of fossil fuels, before it is too late to reverse the effects of climate change. There are more severe consequences taking over in our world than there is to fix and prevent.

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A mentally ill man from St John’s who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder was just released from jail after being charged with assault and threatening his father and step-mother. The man, Taylor Mitchell, 21, ran after them with a chainsaw and hit his father. The police were called and Mitchell was arrested and spent the night in jail and was denied bail. His lawyer, Joan Dawson, says that jail was the very last place he should’ve been because of his mental disorders.

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What I chose to read, as one of the core emphases of change in communication, is “Art that Changed the World” by DK Publishing, published in August 2013. This documentary book provides specific details on the influence of art in history; every major art movement is described here, including pop art and figurative tradition.

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Many economic and social factors contribute to the big social problem of homelessness. But who are the homeless and is the conclusion of how many people are actually homeless accurate. The question of what really causes homelessness is in the thought process of many researchers and experts around the world and experiments are formed by counting the number of homeless people using a systematic process.

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The main idea of the article I just read about policing of Latinos and the differences that are seen in stops made by non-Latino police and Latino drivers rather than when a non-Latino is stopped. According to the article, 69 police surveillance videos from the dashboards of cruisers were analyzed and when the results were in their hypothesis was supported. The videos showed that Latinos were stopped for much more correctable things, such as expired tags or having a headlight out, rather than speeding or reckless driving (Giles et al, 2012).

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In my recent articles, I’ve touched upon the issue of transgender rights, and more specifically on problems encountered when accessing health services. When writing the post “Transgender People’s Problem with Doctors”, I was surprised to see that transgender people had to face discrimination even from doctors. To feel more comfortable with themselves, it is important to support transgender people and inform them of options they have concerning surgeries or hormone treatments.

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In André Picard's "Youth give Jane Goodall reason to hope" published on Toronto's The Globe and Mail on March 31, 2014, Jane Goodall expresses her sadness of how we would be destroying this beautiful planet. The author reveals that the most common word Dr. Goodall used in her presentation at Loyola High School was "hope." She's expressing hope for young people to be in peace and harmony with not only each other, but also with Mother Nature.

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"Representing Nature: Art and Climate Change" is a journal article written by Malcolm Miles from the University of Plymouth in United Kingdom, and was published in SAGE Publication's 'Cultual Geographies' journal in 2010. It explores the effectiveness of using artwork, related to the environment, to shift our conscious thinking into the environment. Several examples are presented over here, but the question the article answers is whether or not it's possible to use art as a way of conveying the message on global warming.

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In the article "Someone has to pay to clean this up; Dispute over disaster heads into court next week with six companies contesting legal order," by Monique Beaudin of The Montreal Gazette, and published on January 18, 2014, a dispute is set to be brought into court for next week. It dealt with who was going to clean up the oil spill as a result of last July's Lac-Megantic disaster that killed 47 people.

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Because I was too occupied with other homework, this article was done very quickly. As such, the writing is not as organized as it should be according to my professor's expectations.  

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The problem being researched is bullying among high school students. There was a cross-sectional survey questionnaire that was conducted among 2 classes of high school students in Bursa, Turkey in order to identify bullying. There were two sections to the survey which included 7 questions about socio-demographic characteristics of the family and the other section was about determination of violence among peers. The survey consisted of questions about the participant's family and questions about violence among peers.

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The sspeaker Christopher Sogholan is a privacy researcher and his view are that the government surveillance is shifting beneath the population feet, as an industry grows to support monitoring programs. Christopher states that the through private companies, the government is buying technology with the capacity to break into computers, steal documents and monitor activity- without any detection.

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1) The purpose of the speaker was to show that there is an equation for intelligence and what that equation is 2) The speaker audience was a ted talk assembly

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Environmental awareness is becoming an increasing topic of study across all fields in todays ever-changing society. Many lawmakers believe that citizens simply do not care, do not have the knowledge, or do not want to change into a more sustainable society however, Lynn Rosentrater, a social scientist, presented research that tends to prove otherwise. Rosentrater (2013) conducted a survey of business and economics undergraduate students in June of 2009.

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Centre d'information sur l'environnement de Longueuil, or CIEL, is a non-profit organization I discovered at Champlain College Saint-Lambert's Social Awareness Fair on February 19, 2014. They deal with the issue of environment in a local perspective.  

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The Canadian Environment Law Association, or CELA, is a politics-based environment agency in Toronto. They work closely with the Government of Canada regarding the environmental implications set out, and environmental management.  

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Nature Canada is a government-based organization, in association with Environment Canada, based in Ottawa, with their sole purpose in environment protection across Canada.   They engage people and advocate, based on nature, for protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats in the natural lands of Canada. Their prime core lies upon bird conservation, wilderness protection, endangered species, and have people connect to nature more properly.  

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Nature Action Quebec is a social enterprise located in Beloeil, a suburban off the Island of Montreal  

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Summary: Is the media taking anorexia and other health related problems too far? Are they actually concerned about the celebrities and their well-being or are they more concerned about their ratings?

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This article discusses about the carbon footprint us humans leave in the environment that surrounds us. As such, I will be discussing the phenomenon from three different perspectives: two from two different news articles, one from Quebec and one from British Columbia, and one perspective from a research magazine. I will finally conclude this discussion with an academic discipline and explain why this perspective is related to the subject matter discussed here.

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This article provides a summary of the article "Blood in the Jungle" published in the Smithsonian magazine. It also provides a view on the socioeconomic disparities between developed and undeveloped nations that cause environmental destruction.

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After reading this article on the Montreal Gazette tonight, I decided to re-write my news summary because I thought this one was more of a feel-good topic. The article, written by June Thompson, features a local group called the Morning Walkers have been together for 20 years on Friday. The members are all between 55 and 85 years of age and joined the group to take up a healthier lifestyle.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now notorious than before, because he has been ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver, according to “Rob Ford ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver,” written by Staff and published on February 1, 2014. While in Vancouver, he was fined for crossing a street on red light, somewhere in the Coquitlam District.

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As discussed in CTV Montreal’s “Brother of Montreal shooting victim says his family is destroyed” published on February 5th, 2014, a man is distraught of losing his family when his brother was shot by Montreal police. Alain Magloire engaged in a commotion at a hostel regarding deposit, then started breaking windows with a hammer. Police originally requested for a Taser, but it was coming in too slow, and so they killed him with a single shot.

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Although the Canadian smoking rate significantly decreased in the past 50 years, it is still a grave health concern as it kills 40,000 people annually and an additional 800 people annually through second-hand smoke. In fact, composed of thousands of chemicals and dozens of cancer-causing agents, "tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable illness, disability, and death", costing $29-billion annually.

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The article “Canadian research teams lead charge in companion depression treatments” by Staff member Angela Mulholland, published on January 27, 2014, discusses four ideal therapies for treatment to people with mental depression. The four therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, walking in nature than urban settings, mindfulness meditation, and bipolar disorder self-management.  

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An article titled “Making music videos helps young cancer patients cope” featured by BBC News on January 26, 2014 explains how an experiment testing the effects of music therapy on a group of patients undergoing high-risk stem cell transplant treatments that were asked to produce a music video. The young 11-24 year olds worked with a professional music expert who helped the patients write song lyrics, record sounds and construct video montages in hopes to improve their communication and sensation towards their illness.

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 According to Abigail Elise who wrote the article; Video Games Have No Effect On Children’s Behavior, New Study Finds on the November 22nd 2013, video games and television has been proven to not be harmful to children, but otherwise. A study in United Kingdom has been held in order to determine if video games were causing deficit disorder or depression. Around 11 000 children were used for the studies where the parents would answer survey questions after tracking their kids’ behavior for a period of time. The study concludes that video games can actually improve some parts of the brain.

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Young Canadian are now accessing the Internet on their own and with their own devices. Nowadays, fewer parents feel the need to enforce rules for their children regarding Internet use. After all, a lot of teenagers own a Smartphone or a personal laptop, parents have less control over what young adults do on the Internet.

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Original Article:  

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For the past two years, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has experienced a civil war that has destroyed multiple villages and leaving the people taking refuge in humanitarian camps including the Mugunga camp. But now a major shortage of food assistance will leave the people in camps hungry and desperate.

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The social structure of building a new life after crossing country borders is about doing what you are told and appeasing those around you.

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            Should we boycott the Russian Olympics after the Russian government has announced its anti-gay propaganda law? This controversial law bans Russian citizens and visitors from influencing 'the practice of' same-sex orientation to minors. Since the law has been passed, Russians have been beaten and imprisoned because of their (suspected) sexual orientation. Now, with the upcoming Winter Olympics being held in Russia; state leaders are scrambling to make a decision on whether or not boycotting the Russian Olympics would be both a reasonable and a fair decision to take.

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Casually scrolling down my Tumblr dashboard, freeing my mind as I get back home from class, I come across this article about a strange cultural practice performed in South America. It is entitled The Brutality of Corrective Rape. I was not planning on doing my blog post on this topic but when I came across it, there was no way for me to ignore this issue. It talks about a solution to convert gay people back to being straight, although the method implied is completely revolting.

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Industrial food dyes are used every day in the production of numerous processed foods. Tartrazine (also referred to as Yellow #5 or E102) is one of the artificial food colourings that is the most used. It is derived from coal tar and it is cheaper than its natural equivalent, beta carotene. A lot of the products that we use consume contain tartrazine: Mountain Dew, mustard, Kraft Dinner, some soaps and shampoos, ice cream, drugs and way more.

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