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Cigarettes are more harmful then what we thought and that is already surprising! It’s well known how cigarettes have a poisonous effect in health as the damages it provokes include blood vessels, reproductive organs, mouth, lungs, heart, and many other organs. Certainly, the number of deaths caused by smoking cigarettes is higher than alcohol in many countries. Though, not only its first-hand smoke kills, its second-hand smoke can be very dangerous causing the same number of diseases. But how is this a new discovery? These effects have been known for a while.

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Everyone has, at some point in their lives, got in touch with someone who had cancer. Cancer is a disease which is known to be really dangerous and hard to cure if, at all, possible. With high chances of relapse and the really weakening treatment that is chemotherapy, treating cancer really is a hard thing and scientist are always working to find a possible cure for it.

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