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One of the biggest threats to biodiversity throughout the world is the introduction of invasive species.  However, their detrimental effects are exaggerated on islands.  The introduction of the brown tree snake (Boiga irregularis) to Guam is one of the most famous examples of an invasive species’ detrimental effects to a native island ecosystem.  The introduction of this one species resulted in the population reduction of 22 of the 25 native bird species in Guam (Wiles et al.

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            The increasingly popular mantra of “going green” and the increasing effort of protecting unique ecological areas exhibit a substantial increase in public awareness of global biodiversity loss.  Still, extinction rates keep climbing and habitat loss and alteration continue to be prevalent across the globe.  Population declines, even in common species have been noted in the most pristine areas.  However, the threat to biodiversity is most apparent where the species have no place to go: islands. 

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