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On the 12 of March 2012, Ed Pilkington published the article "Jailed for life at age 14: US supreme court to consider juvenile sentences" written in Charleston, Missouri for the website of the British journal The Guardian. The author in this article is reporting the case of youth offenders sentenced to life without parole in the United States, but more specifically the case of Quantel Lotts.

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Post a link to the current June 9th article (1)

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Link to the Article:                                                                                 The article talks about the topic of depression. It is sometimes hard to pin point whether we, ourselves are depressed. It is a very informative article on detecting signs of the mental illness. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are how frequently am I depressed, how severe is it and how long does the depression lasts. 

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“How police can avoid shooting the mentally ill” by David M. Perry, dealt with four police murder cases where the diseased had a history of mental health issues and was holding a weapon. Due to police training, the tragic ending that follows becomes inevitable when dealing with a person with psychiatric disability. “Psychiatric disability refers to mental illness that "significantly interferes with the performance of major life activities," a category that clearly applies to people whose "erratic behavior" got them killed by police.” (CNN).

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