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This May, Canadians and people around the world were shocked by the wildfire that tore through Fort McMurray, Alberta, leaving almost 80,000 people homeless and resulting in immense economic and social consequences. Most people saw the fire as an event that could never have been predicted, and it highlighted the importance of disaster readiness for communities at risk from wildfires.

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The number of heroin overdoses have been rising quickly over the last few months. In Erie County, NY there were almost 600 opiate overdose deaths by April of 2016 this includes heroin and prescription opiates such as morphine, oxycodone, and methadone. There was 39% increase in heroin related deaths in 2012-2013. This number has continued to rise; Opiate overdoses have doubled in the last year all over the country. Officials are saying that the country is facing a heroin epidemic.

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Article Title: Ontario government scraps plan for $3.8 billion in renewable energy projects

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Setting out onto the Great Lakes, a team of researchers found some alarming data. An article by the CBC follows the 5 Gyres Institute as they test the Great Lakes for microplastic pollution. 

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            Ocean acidification is a leading issue on the forefront of environmental degradation in relation to the negative effects of anthropogenic carbon. Adrienne South, a journalist for Global News, wrote an article looking at ocean acidification in relation to excess carbon emissions. About a quarter of all the carbon emitted on a global scale is absorbed by the world’s oceans, causing their pH to drop, and in turn become more acidic. The acidity of the water initiates a decrease insoluble carbonate which is essential in the process for marine species to build shells.

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