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  Every day, millions of people leave their country in the hope to find a better life. The migrant crisis is a worldwide problem that causes many deaths. Because people are desperate to leave their poor conditions of life, people-smuggler have created a lucrative business. Every year many expert come together to try to understand this new phenomenon and how to eliminate people-smuggling once for all.

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Since the beginning of 2017, Canada has seen an increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing its border every day. Because people are denied the right to enter into the country at the regular point of entry, many decide to use dangerous methods to arrive in Canada.

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In the hope of a better life, thousands of people leave their country every day. The migrant crisis is a worldwide problem that keeps growing. In this climate of fear and incertitude, people-smuggling, which is defined as “the illegal business of transporting people to a country which they are not authorized to enter as immigrants”, is flourishing. As it can be seen in many countries, such as Mexico and Europe, the business of people-smuggling is growing, creating a new problematic for governments.

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On February 18, 201, Amnesty International posted a press release called " Russian: Domestic violence law puts women at greater risk" on their website. In their post, Amnesty international denunciates the new legislation adopted by the Russian President Vladimir Poutine. According to the new law, domestic violence towards women is now decriminalized. As a woman, I found it unacceptable that a country pass such law. In my opinion, women have the right to feel safe and to be protected against abuse.  

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On December 21, 2016, Amnesty International posted a press release called “Children caught in the crossfire of the battle for Mosul suffer horrific injuries and trauma” on their website. Because Amnesty international is a well-known and respected organization, we can assume that the information they collected on the subject is reliable. In addition to that, the fact the there is no specific author suggests that the entire organization agreed on the text's content, which makes it even more reliable.

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