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Political and social disagreements have always existed within a nation. Different opinions on religious, political and nationalist views create a division within communities of people who work and live together every single day. Tensions seen in India between the Hindu/Muslim groups can be related to the French/English ongoing debate in Quebec. Many political figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who both have had a big influence on the Indian people, both had different views on how India had to be governed and how the Indian people should live.

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Quebec has always been known for its cultural and religious diversity; housing thousands of men and women from around the world that all have different beliefs and values. Montreal alone is filled with different ethnic and religious communities who all contribute to the development of our city. To say that religion should have no role in society is absurd when living in the 21st century. It affects everyone politically, financially and socially.

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Althogh being of a relatively young age, it seems that since the dawn of time religions have been the genesis of many of the worlds bloodiest conflicts. For this reason alone, I believe that each individual should practice their religious customs at home and at their place of prayer. In  a country like Canada that is composed of people from hundreds of countries and an equal amount of religious beliefs there cannot be place for all these religious beliefs in all the public assemblies.

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In my opinion, religion should have a place in society, without it being omnipresent. If a religion takes too much space in society, conflicts arise because of many differences of opinion. I believe that when religion starts separating people like what is currently happening in Quebec with the Charter of Values, it is not bringing what it should to society. The goal of religion is to have something to believe in and to unite people. It is a personal choice. For example, I think it would be wrong to obligate somebody to practice or to not practice a religion.

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