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1. What I learned about climate change is that there are many people trying to bring awareness and help to the situation in very different ways. Climate change affects the whole world in many different ways and I never thought it was such a big deal for people until now. I've heard people speak about it but never about the efforts others are trying to make to cope with this problem. I learned its many threats such as sea level rising, fossil fuels, pollution, storms, ocean acidification, and developpment.

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I wish I was. I want people to see me for me and all the qualities i have, but i know that to be hard. It has happened where a friend shares an insecurity with me that is a huge thing for them and i dont see it at all. We all percieve ouselves in different ways than others see us. I dont know what my aesthetic looks like to others. Yes they are all seing the same clothes, feeling the same energy, and hearing the same words and voice, but everybody that has interacted with me will have a different opinion and connection to all that.

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1.Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV (1950-2000)                                                                all in the family, the dick van dyke show, father knows best 2.What was unique about the Archie character in All In The Family? (NOTE: this show aired from 1971-1979)                                                                                   

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