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Even if our world community is separated into many countries, it is known that not every country is homogenous. Indeed, many countries contain more than one nation, which means that people in the country do not share all share a common language, history, religion, ethnicity and culture. For instance, in Canada, French are separated from English. Another example that can be given is India, which has always been separated into Muslim and Hindus. Even if these two examples seem alike on the surface, they present many differences when we take a deeper look at them.

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For the past forty years, Quebec has toyed with the idea of sovereignty. Some citizens strongly agree that Quebec should now be a country. The nationalist movement praises the concept of independence because its members believe Quebec should be a country to promulgate its own laws. Nowadays, there are laws that rally consensus in both, Quebec and Canada, such as the Charter of Rights and Freedom. To a certain degree, we can compare this Quebecois nationalism with the Pakistan nationalist movement. Pakistan also wished to separate from India.

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Over the last centuries, India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada have experienced very similar situations. For instance, the British conquered them both, which made Muslims and Hindus evolve together just like Quebecers and English Canadians did at a certain point in time due to the British colonialism/imperialism (Gandhi). Following these events, those different countries and their different nationalist movements have experienced political, social, cultural, and spiritual problems dealing with the phenomena of majority and minority.

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Religion’s place in the society is a big debate today. With the charter of values, religion’s place is being debated even more. Personally, I believe that religion should have a certain role in the society but I would rather advocate that its role should only be a spiritual role. Religion should not have an impact on government’s decisions and on the way people live their lives, because not everyone sees life in the same way. Society should not be guided by beliefs. Indeed, society should be secular according to me.

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I think that religion should not be omnipresent in society and control everything. Since a few years, some societies have a tendency to promote their religion by denying certain rights of other religions. I believe that today everyone should be able to practice his or her religion if it does not prevent others from practicing theirs. Today we should try to take what’s good in every religion and live all together.

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 I think that there are obviously both advantages and disadvantages to having different religions in society. To begin, having several religions is a major advantage culturally speaking. In other words, when people who practice a different religion than yours surround you, you automatically have to get in touch with this religion, by near or by far. For example, you pass by their type of religious building (church, temple, etc.); you see them exerting their own rituals, etc.

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