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There are many comparisons we can make about the issue of minorities and majorities in India and Canada due to their different nations composing the same country.  

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Every province or country has inequality toward the citizens that belong to them. For sure, they must obtain an agreement to fully lead a country to success. Canada is a large country that is represented by two major communities: the English Canadians and the French Canadians. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a notable minority of French Canadians that are known to be mainly found in Quebec. On the other hand, we can notice that India has points in common with Canada such as having several different communities.

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For the past forty years, Quebec has toyed with the idea of sovereignty. Some citizens strongly agree that Quebec should now be a country. The nationalist movement praises the concept of independence because its members believe Quebec should be a country to promulgate its own laws. Nowadays, there are laws that rally consensus in both, Quebec and Canada, such as the Charter of Rights and Freedom. To a certain degree, we can compare this Quebecois nationalism with the Pakistan nationalist movement. Pakistan also wished to separate from India.

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Through taking a look at a variety of societies throughout the world, a clear distinction may be made between the ones where religion plays an important role and the ones where religion has taken a step back. Some societies have religious public schools which is the norm in their beliefs but in our society, Quebec has made a clear separation between religious beliefs and education. From my rather atheist point of view, I do not believe religious beliefs should hold their importance in a student’s educational life.

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I think that religion should not be omnipresent in society and control everything. Since a few years, some societies have a tendency to promote their religion by denying certain rights of other religions. I believe that today everyone should be able to practice his or her religion if it does not prevent others from practicing theirs. Today we should try to take what’s good in every religion and live all together.

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I think we are very lucky here in Canada and especially in Montreal and its surroundings to be exposed to such a great variety of religions, because not only does it make us more knowledgeable about other people's beliefs but it makes us understand their beliefs as well. If someone has never been exposed to a particular belief, he/she may never understand it fully. Luckily, it is not the case in Quebec. I also think it makes society much more beautiful and varied.

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