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           The Society for Conservation Biology has published a very nice article that goes through every relevant aspect of species conservation. This article will lead you through the basic concepts of what is conservation of the biodiversity, why it is important and how it can be achieved. It also shows using statistics some background information to argue that the problem the planet faces with the loss of species is natural, but that it is greatly enhanced by human behaviour. They explain how that is and when it happened without omitting what are the causes.

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Every year, scientists add new fascinating species into the encyclopedia of life. As a Harry Potter's fan, one little creature discovered this year, Gryffinfor's Hat amazed me! All this new discoveries are made on the surface of our planet Earth, and despite the huge number of discoveries every year, we are far from finding everything. Now, imagine if we find another planet with different environment where life develops separately from Earth. This could change radically our taxonomy.

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