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 There are countless injustices in the world but to me the most horrible inequalities are the ones implying children. A child is innocent, obedient, not harmful, not dangerous and so consequently easy to manipulate. Thus, they are the most vulnerable to injustices. It is unfair to inflict the most pure and innocent person to injustices, because they have no way to protect themselves from these inequalities. I find it simply horrible. 

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Parliament in France has put a ban on child pageants for girls under the age of 16 years old under the premises that they endorse “hyper-sexualization”. The ban was supported by 196 votes to 146 and is now in the lower house National Assembly for further debate.

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This article demonstrates that the media has  convinced some people from believing that beauty stands upon appearances. This subject is an important issue because it implies that not only teenagers, but adults might be facing this media standard of beauty.  An ethical issue is raised, should beauty be based on appearances?

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