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 The article, “Hakeem Mans Up” written by Spencer Kornhaber, reviews the masculinity crisis of the character in the latest episode of “Empire”. It is a drama television series about a family's struggles and their careers in the entertainment industry. This show is apart from others because it offers viewers a new perspective about gender in modern hip-hop culture. The article does a good job highlighting the show's gender themes and how one characters defies the stereotypes of masculinity in hip-hop.

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Indecent Beauty Standards   American Apparel's advertising campaign is known to be controversial, their models are often naked and their ads send out a sexist and sometimes racist message. In an ad for a vinyl mini skirt, they're model who seems underaged is topless, sucking her thumb while leaning on a bathroom vanity. The problem is that the ad is blatantly selling sex, it doesn’t leave much for us to imagine. We should be concerned about ads that sell sex because it contributes to self-objectification and promotes hypersexualisation.  

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“The Meaning of Serena Williams”, an article written by Claudia Rankine that was published on August 25th 2015 in the New York Times, discusses the biased opinions of the media with regards to the ideal image of a winner. The main arguments supporting this central idea involve Serena Williams’ view on the widespread issue of racism and the medias’ interpretation of excellence.  Although the media has attacked her with regards to her appearance on countless occasions, Williams does not accept “racist projections” about her body.

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