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The article “Study finds Boston police target African-Americans disproportionately” written by Marina Carver at CNN on October 9th this year, denounces the fact that there is a large discrepancy in the amount of blacks being stopped and frisked in comparison to the predominantly white homogenous population. This overrepresentation of African-Americans involved in police inquiries is not justified because in truth they only embody a small fraction of the population; nor is it representative of a group supposedly more susceptible to have criminal conduct.

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In the article “Racisme et Bisbille à Harvard et Oxford” posted on March 19th, Vincent Destouches wrote about an awareness campaign regarding racism, which reported this major problem. Black students from Harvard created a social network where they state the following: “I, too, am Harvard”. The presence of students of a different race is often questioned within the institution. To reinforce the campaign of awareness on racism, people took pictures of themselves with disparaging comment that they were victims of.

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           The article “A National Inquiry For Aboriginal Women Should Not Be a Partisan Issue” written by Carolyn Bennett at the Huffington Post on July 22 this year, denounces the present Canadian Conservative government’s lack of concern towards the social problems affecting it’s Indigenous population. Over the last decade, hundreds of aboriginal women and girls have gone missing or been killed, nonetheless the Harper government has refrained from initiating a national public inquiry.

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