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Being homosexual did not appear from a virus, it is more like a mutation in our own DNA. Same principle than the colour of our eyes. The body genetic system (known has DNA) is a bunch of instruction that tells every cells what to do. That is why few babies are born with anomalies; DNA is not always perfect. Animals, are very own ancestors happens also to have those DNA mutations, some good of course and some bad.

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It is not a secret anymore, homosexuals are gaining more and more rights throughout decades. The United-States of America, one of the countries that was against the idea of giving rights to the LGBT community is slowly opening its shell to the LGBT co. In fact, over 25 states of America is acknowledging LGBT rights as well as their marriage. Of course when comes marriage normally comes family and the real question is : are children that comes from a gay-couple family any different from any other kids that comes from straight-couple family ?

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Homosexuality, about 10% of the total population is targeted by this “mutation” if we shall call it that way. Being gay or lesbian is basically is our genes, in our DNA. Homosexuality can then be seen as the evolution of our kind. Of course, the main purpose of living is to procreate babies and the babies, when its time, do the same. Unfortunately, with that difference came a emotion, a feeling called Homophobia. Based on hatred and negative attitudes towards homosexuals, this emotion is not very accepted in the LGBT community and for good reasons !

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Legalize Marijuana a.k.a Weed ?   

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Facebook, The largest information holder on earth ?   

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Abortion has been a topic that a lot of people have had to take a side on over the years ! Being legal in most states of the United States of America and the Canada, we haven’t really encounter a real problematic but it is still a major debate. Of course both pros and cons have good arguments but, honestly, which is best ?   

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Kim Jong-Un, a name that was in every minds of the great American country last year. This fellow North Korean threatened a lot of people including the United-States of America. In fact, Kim said he was in possession of weapon of mass destruction (mostly missiles) and wanted to launch them at the United-States of America. It is easy, in that sense to think that all North Korean are bad but it is not the truth ! North Korean’s population is not well treated but it seems like no one cares about their situations.  

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If I say nuclear power or reactors, what comes in your mind? Nothing good, right? That’s because we were taught that nuclear energy isn’t safe, and dangerous. And maybe it is. But one thing I can be sure of is the fact that the United Kingdom is getting one of these toys.

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Walmart, a multi-national company that is making millions and millions of dollars in profit is currently in a debate here is Quebec ! We all know Walmart to be a company that sells cheap things at very low prices, in fact, it is their slogan. But what we don’t know is that they are so powerful that they can, in fact, bypass few laws in order to make even more profit! In fact, Walmart have closed one of its supermarket here in Jonquière, Quebec because the employees wanted to create an union to protect their jobs !

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  When I saw this article, it surprised me a lot. It reminds me of what happened to Steve Jobs when Apple told him to step down from the own company he founded. I mean isn’t kind of cruel to give up the company that you’ve worked for years of blood and sweat.    

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Quebec, the province I live in, is one of the richest region in north-america. We own more or less 30% of the total clean water on the entire planet and we own a lot of minerals. Since few decades, companies from the U.S like “Nestlé” (which is a branch of the multinational company “Coca-cola”), are harvesting our clean water through pipe lines, bottling it and then reselling it to people. The big problem with that is that they are taking our water, which is a natural resource and then they make us pay for it ! I find that outrageous !

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  The Right to have a Child   In america, there is no restriction whatsoever concerning having child. If a family is willing to have more than 3 children, it is totally fine according to the law and the societal point of view ! It is totally acceptable to raise as many child as you want, and we should be grateful because it certain countries, it is not as easy. In China, since the population as risen way to fast in the past centuries, the government created a law, three and a half decades ago, restricting families to one child !   

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  The Right to Succumb  

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As a student and young adult, who may or may not use the Internet for less-than-legal reasons, I am concerned by the storm of controversy surrounding the subject of Internet piracy. I try to keep myself up to date on worldwide news about the legal ramifications of things such as peer-to-peer sharing. It was during one of my searches that I stumbled across an article, written earlier this year, about a new system put in place in the United States of America.

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    Ads all over the Internet  

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  The right to have a gun ?!  

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Students cheating their way through the learning and education system.

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  We all heard of this term “Global Warming” and we are all aware of its meaning. We all know right now, under our very eyes, the planet earth is taking severe damage because of what we do in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we barely do anything to counter this world-wide problem. People says: “Of course we do care about the planet” and when I ask what car they have, they answer things like Mercedes or BMW.. and when I ask what they think about public transport (transit) they all say they barely or never use it !  

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  12 years ago, on a september 11 2001, the World Trade Center got attacked by terrorists. This attack resulted in a massive loss of life, huge property damage in Manhattan and a minor economic crisis (if we compare to the 2008 economic crisis). Since the two plane hit the towers, the world of security took a turn as long with many other defensive strategies ! We all remember that dark day, but do we still commemorate that day ?   

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Yesterday Apple launched their smartphones for this year: The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.The iPhone 5S is basically what we get every year from Apple: an improved device, very similar to the last one, but a little more powerful and more expensive…. However, the iPhone 5C it’s a completely new concept for the high-standard Apple. This device is conceived as a “cheap” version of the iPhone. His characteristics are almost identical to the iPhone 5, but the real invention is the case. The iPhone 5C is dotted with a colorful case (available in different colors) made from plastic!

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                  It used to be a classical burial when It came upon a death. It started with burring the dead. Then other ideas came with cremation. Since 2007 the average cost of burials and cremations have increased by 69% and 51%.  

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  Technology, More advanced than we think  

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Turns out that what’s been forgotten, has taken people by surprise once again. It has been reported that a young in Kyrgyzstan died on August 22. This young boy, too lately diagnosed, died of the Black Death, also known as… The Bubonic Plague. First off, what is the Bubonic Plague exactly? The Bubonic Plague is an epidemic that started off in the 14th century across Europe killing around 25 million people. This disease carried by rodents and fleas, kills within 4 days of the untreated infection.

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  Ed Sheeran, a legend.

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