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This semester, my news summaries began with a great concentration on issues of crime and law. It was an interesting and intriguing topic, especially due to the immense attention the United States was receiving in the media about deadly shootings in their country. The first article summarized talked about how the strong United States was losing its’ power due to the unregulated gun control. It focused on a shooting that happened just after the Sandy hook shooting at a college in Texas, where access to a gun is easy.

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In my recent posts, I have explored a lot on the topic of education, therefore I found it fitting to discuss about someone who is doing something to help unprivileged children attend school.

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To the Dragons, I’d like to present an ethical project that concentrate is effort more to their employees and community than giving everything they got to environmental project or any other kind of ethical project. The idea is simple; try to take care of our own background before playing in others!  

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The economic crisis  As you may know the world has known a huge economic crisis in 2008. Some countries are getting better and better like the United States but some are getting even worse than ever. It first began with Greece but now it is touching all European Union and sooner or later, the entire world again. Europe is making its best so that it will not happen. In this post I will be using two news articles from the National Post, one from Jonathan Ratner and one from Heather Scoffield. My academic journal is from CUI Rui. 

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Canada is taking educational advice from Finland.

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Hi everyone,

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