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Nuclear energy is a very delicate topic in our society because of its controversial aspect. For every pro you can find, there will always be a con. Personally, I find that positive aspects of nuclear power outweigh the negative aspects. I will prove my thesis by treating the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the nuclear energy.

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In our everyday life, almost everything can be seen as an attack to our privacy, such as Facebook and cellphones. On top of that, we will also need to worry what’s above us. Brace yourselves; unmanned spying drones are coming in Canada.

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A New Record…of Pollution When there is an issue, you try to solve it. C02 emissions are clearly a problem in today’s society, so why can’t we solve it? “Who cares?” is saying the population, and “too much effort” is saying the governments. Someone needs to act quickly, because the issue is getting bigger and bigger each minute.

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As humans, we are not used to unusual things. We like to have our perfect life, and everything that we don’t know is terrifying us. That’s how scientists feel right now about Great White Sharks. The only difference between us and them is that they will venture out and try to figure out the unusual.

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NASA is the definition of innovation. They will always try to find a better way to do a job. Presently, they are working on a new way to send astronauts to the International Space Shuttle (ISS). Traditional space shuttles are getting older and older, but the Dream Chaser will come and take its place in the near future.

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If I say nuclear power or reactors, what comes in your mind? Nothing good, right? That’s because we were taught that nuclear energy isn’t safe, and dangerous. And maybe it is. But one thing I can be sure of is the fact that the United Kingdom is getting one of these toys.

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Your city is destroyed. Only rocks and ashes are left. Would you still settle down and start over? Maybe a few of us, the majority would never come back again. Surprisingly, vegetation and animals will happily take over the place. That’s exactly what happened at Mount St Helens…

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This article is pretty interesting because of the fact that a hacker is awarded by a lot of money. This is the first time I have heard this kind of thing I mean why can’t the developers of a company test their new software themselves.

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  Before, children were finding some ways to entertain themselves by playing games, going outside, playing with cars or dolls, going at their friend’s house, etc. Nowadays, with the importance of technology, it appears that children can only be entertained by texting, surfing on the net and watching television. What attracted me in the title is that this dependency to electronics actually is getting more valued than education, especially school.

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Plastic is an everyday sue material. We have plastic containers, plastic bottles and other common plastic objects. And for the first time in humanity, we found plastic outside our planet. And it is not far from us just a few light years away, on Saturn’s Moon.

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Scientists were researching and investigating Mars for a very long time. Yet, they continue to find some new features of the Red Planet. How would you feel if you believed in something that wasn’t the real truth? Well, that’s how NASA scientists feel right now…

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We all hear that glaciers are melting and that they are increasing the volume of water in our seas. But we never hear the statistics and how much ice there is left on earth. We only know that if we do not stop polluting, we will be completely immerged by water and that many islands are going to disappear from the map.

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Have you ever imagined an Earthquake hitting Montreal? No way would this happen. Now put yourself in the skin of the people in Pakistan. They thought the same thing, and now, they need to suffer the consequences of the nature.  

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America, what a nice country. As long as you have money, you have a good life. Even if America lies and hides information from you, you still love her. But what if I told you that America nearly dropped a nuclear bomb over North Carolina, back in the 60’s? Would you still love her like you did?  

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Hurricanes, tornados, tropical depressions, increasing temperature (and the list goes on…). These catastrophes are all a products of one same problem: Global Warming. Our planet is literally degrading. NASA, National Geographic and other important environmental institutes are, at this very moment, trying to calculate precisely when is the day D.

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Did you know that racism still exists? If you didn’t, you should open your eyes. Racism is in every aspect of life, such as at work, at school, and even in public. I should say especially in public, after I watched this shocking video:  

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You have probably heard of the Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most anticipated and popular video game of all time. Monday night, there was a midnight launch in many local stores, and the line-ups could go up to 100 people and more. True fans where impatiently waiting for the clock to hit midnight. But what if I tell you that three men successfully bypassed the line and obtained their copies of the game by breaking the law?  

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  We are now found in a generation where age has only become a simple number. Youth nowadays is living in a fast paste where minor people want to be considered as adults and want to taste the pleasure of being one, such as the taste of alcohol. What interested me in the title was that it is obviously true that a 15 years old child should not drink alcohol and that it is not even needed to question it.

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Have you every seen a Google Street View Car? These cars are just like normal cars, except they have big cameras on the roof. The images that this camera takes are then transferred of Google Maps, and this is how you are able to see houses, roads and everything around. Noting really harmful, so why Attorneys did sue Google?

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Everyone in their life has played video games, let’s not deny it. They are a form of entertainment and a way of escaping the struggles of life for a moment, just like reading a book or playing a sport. The challenge with video games is to not mix them with the real life, the one outside the window. So how exactly do they influence our actions and decisions, in the bad way?

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Prime minister of Quebec, Pauline Marois not only is ignorant of the meaning of people’s freedom, but she now wants to decide the dress code. The new “Charter of Quebec Values” would like to ban any religious headwear on public employees. Which is aiming to get “a stronger and united province” as she compares to Bill 101, which protects the French language. However, some claim that this is just to move the population’s attention away from the economy and jobs.

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Each year, millions of people are impatiently waiting for the new Iphone by Apple. And each year, you have the same box you had last year, except some minor changes like a better camera and a better screen resolution. And for how much? Not 200$, not 300$, but 600$! It is up to you to decide if you buy it or not, but I think apple is going too far this year.  

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Have you ever imagined a world where you don’t need to remember all the passwords you set on every device and/or websites? Remember all the times you tried different passwords and none of them worked?From now on, we can forget about all this trouble. The company Bionym will launch their first device, the Nymi.  

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13 hours a day! What can you do during 13 hours? Maybe you could go take a walk, go working or even sleep. Actually the North American spent approximately this amount of time sitting per day. What are the consequences of being sitting all day long?

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Let’s not lie, the generation we live in right now is among the laziest ones. Remember the stories about your grandfathers and grandmothers, who walked to school, who worked hard to gain a penny, and to not forget, who stayed healthy. If we look at our generation, it is the total opposite. And the biggest concern is the health condition of our society.

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  It is very obvious that Facebook is not the better place to political activism or to hide top secrets from the government. But just because something is easy to get, it is right to get it? Canadian government has been a very conservative state regarding the privacy of its citizens, but it is slowly changing. It is relatively easy take advantage from such a popular social network as Facebook to find undesired people’s information. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! There are so many possible sources from the government.

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Have you ever thought of living on another planet than Earth? Something that was just seen in movies will now become a reality. Magnificent or frightened, it’s for you to decide. For 25$, you can buy yourself a trip to Mars in 2023, but a little condition applies; you will never be able to return home. You may think only crazy people will accept a deal of this kind, but surprisingly, over 165,000 people already applied to colonize the Red Planet.

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