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Video of Ellen Degeneres "Hey Wrinkle Face!" Commercial for Olay Simply Ageless Foundation | COVERGIRL  

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By: Xavier-Rowan Gagnon, Dorin Popa, Simon-Pierre Dupuis The Issue:

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Public Transportation   By: Emilie Beauchemin,Laura Henry, Lora Damyanova and Olivia Mazzarello   Public transportation has been an important factor that has facilitated a lot of advantages for the community and for your wallet. There’s no doubt that these transportations saves us time and money but it also creates less pollution towards the environment.   How Public Transport Helps the Environment and People

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Biking to get to work Felix, Stefania and William   Fitness and health Since your body is the engine and the food you eat is the fuel biking to get to work burns many calories (about as many as jogging) with less consequences on your joints. It improves cardiovascular fitness, lowers your blood pressure and helps gain muscle. In general, women are more prone to develop osteoporosis and physical activity helps make one’s bones stronger   Happiness

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Automobiles and their impacts on environment   Stephania Dascalescu, Felix Morin, Laura Henry, Emilie Beauchemin, Olivia Mazzarello  

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Felix Morin Stephania Dascalescu Laura Henry Migration and Habitat of Birds     What we already know (from the book Just Cool It!) ·         Poorly situated wind farms, especially ones using older turbine technology, do kill birds, but it<s an issue that can be addressed, it’s not the biggest big killer ·         Fossil fuels, especially coal, are by far the largest energy-related bird killers.

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