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Political and social disagreements have always existed within a nation. Different opinions on religious, political and nationalist views create a division within communities of people who work and live together every single day. Tensions seen in India between the Hindu/Muslim groups can be related to the French/English ongoing debate in Quebec. Many political figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who both have had a big influence on the Indian people, both had different views on how India had to be governed and how the Indian people should live.

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The territory of Canada and India are similar, yet different in many ways. Both of them have or had a minority and a majority in their country which are separated because of many cultural differences like religion and language. In India, Hindu had a bigger population than the Muslim while in Canada, the English population outnumbers French population.  

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Political struggles are seen throughout history and remain to this day. They vary from country to country, but the causes are always the same. Language and religion are what drive countries apart. India has a majority of Hindu worshipers, but also a large number of Muslims. Mohandas Ghandi was the leader of the Hindu people while Muhammed Ali Jinnah was the leader of the Muslims. The two of them had opposing ideologies much like how Canada is today, if we compare Canada and India. India has Hindus and Muslims as the two opposing sides and Canada has the English and the French.

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Since ages we have lived surrounded by religion, and more recently with science. Although science has grown rapidly in industrialized countries lately, religion has been hurt during that time, losing many believers. Some have tried, and still try in Quebec to suppress all images related to religion in public with the ambition to make religion disappear from our society because of their "misleading information". But are they really misleading ? We learn everything science has given us by the words of another, for example a teacher giving a class, from reading book or the internet.

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Today’s society has many communities which are composed of great variations of religions. But, I believe that having many kinds of religions can have disadvantages and as well advantages. The main disadvantage of having different religions will cause conflicts. As a fact, it’s been thousands of years that people are fighting over religions. You don’t even need to go that far back because presently there is a conflict that is been taken place in Central Africa (Muslims versus Christians).

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Having different religions in our society brought political fights and social racism. Also, it could lead to terrorism in certain cases. Those consequences are due to the fact that every religion advocates different things values and they all think that their values are better than the one from an other religion. For this reason, I don't think that multiple religions are beneficial for our society. But, no one can eliminate the religions of human's behaviour. So, we need to learn how to live with various religions active in the society.

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