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A lot of injuries happen in sports whether it is a contact sport or a non-contact sport. Head injuries especially, are the most common in sports. The problem is that people around sports do not take care of them properly. Concussion is an important injury that needs to be taking care of adequately and this issue needs a better approach for the majority of people.   Since that issue is everywhere in the sport, people should take care about those traumatism. Head injuries create damage to the brain and can cause deadly consequences if not healed properly.

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Social Network should be forbidden because it invades our privacy and it has bad consequences on our daily lives.  

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A new generation Ever since the invention of many technological devices (TV, Computer, Cellphone), our society has completely changed compared to the generation of our grandparents. People who are born between 1982 and 2001 are called the Millennial Generation. This generation was born with technology. The little kids knows exactly how to use phones, computer and play video games without teaching them.    

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  Bullying has always been in our society. It is the act of intimidating, abusing and making fun of someone. Nowadays, with the new technology there has been a new way to bully people. It is possible to bully people without even touching or knowing that person. I will talk about this serious issue that a lot of people are suffering.   1st article:

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In an article posted on the Washington post, by Amy Kazmin on May 1st 2013, it states that retailers in the western world have started guaranteeing compensation for those killed or hurt in the Bangladesh factory collapse because rescuers no longer have hope of finding more survivors. The death toll surpassed 400 according to the police and many more are injured.

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Facebook doing a good job

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This article is pretty interesting because of the fact that a hacker is awarded by a lot of money. This is the first time I have heard this kind of thing I mean why can’t the developers of a company test their new software themselves.

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  Finland Cyber Bullying

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This article caught my attention because of how the technology is advanced now. I mean you can forbid a phone to work by telling the company. Unfortunately, it has good and bad advantages by not letting the phone to work.  

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  When I saw this article, it surprised me a lot. It reminds me of what happened to Steve Jobs when Apple told him to step down from the own company he founded. I mean isn’t kind of cruel to give up the company that you’ve worked for years of blood and sweat.    

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Blackberry continues   The crash of blackberry continues with more devastating news. It is recently reported that they are selling their real estate in their home town waterloo Ont. Suffering from financial problems due to the other record selling companies such as iPhone and android.  Blackberry also said that they were going to fire 4.5 thousand people due to its crash. As blackberry continues to slowly crash more and more people are buying the latest iPhone and android smart phones. Leading to the fact that they are losing more money every day.  

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We all know that Apple has a lot of fans all around the world. Each time they would release a new product there would be people lining up to buy it on the first day of the release. Personally, I think that the hype has gone too far when I saw this article.  

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The new GTA 5 has been the hottest topic of gaming these days. I mean literally everyone is talking about this game. The company Rockstar has made over 1 billion dollar in just three days which makes the fastest sell of games of all time. The fact that this article shows us how in our society is all about making profits.    

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The world of computer science is one the fastest rising technology of all time. According to Moore’s law, the performance of processors doubles every year and a half. However, because of the physical world’s limits, it is believed by many that this law, which has revealed itself to be true since 1970, will hit a barrier in the years 2020. To avoid this problem, researchers have begun searching for new ways to compute based on more recent theories. This is where quantum computing comes in, which, as its name suggests, is based on quantum mechanics.

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  This article is going to be about what is happening in USA these past days. I think it is pretty weird that a lot of shooting happens in our neighbor. The shooting at the movie theater, the shooting in school, now this? I mean there must be something wrong with the laws. Oh yeah, no gun control.  

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This article it is at the moment one of the hottest topic because this might bring a lot of changes. Many people thinks that if the Charter of values is accepted, Quebec would no longer grant freedom to their people. In this article, it talks about how the Charter of values has shocked the people with religious beliefs. It heated up when many accident happened in public areas. People where harassing people who were wearing hijab (which is a thing that covers your hairs that Islamic women tends to wear).

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I could not believe the title of the article when I read it. I'm usually not interested by the topic of the legalization of marijuana because, to me, every article on this subject reads like propaganda. Also, the lack of rational and rigorous scientific research does not enable me to take position.  I chose this subject, however, because it forced me to think about a dilemma that I have never been confronted with before. Paige and Matt Figi faced a harsh decision indeed.

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    Ever since the arrival of the new technology (Internet, Computer), do we still have privacy? I mean like social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace encourages people to post all the things about themselves. Certain people puts their phone number, address and where they visit can be easily accessible by hackers.  

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So, this article caught my attention immediately because it is interesting. I think that it is unfair for the women’s in India because they are not respected.Women should be equally respected like men and these kinds of things is inacceptable.      

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Veteran suicides outnumber US military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. Every year, suicide rates in veterans increase. In 2007, 17 veterans committed suicide every day on average. In 2010, those rates increase to 22 veterans each day, according to Veterans Affairs.

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This article caught my attention because it was shocking and weird at the same time.  

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The article which I will talk about it’s very interesting in terms of the sports world. This news is kind of shocking for me because he’s someone who has made a really huge impact in tracking.  

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I choose this article because it is extremely interesting since video games can influence us a lot. It can makes us dangerous.   It all happened on a Thursday when an eight year old kid shot his 90 years old grandmother in the back of her head. The eight year old kid spent the whole afternoon playing a violent video game which involves killing. He was playing is Grand Theft Auto which is a game rated as mature. However the police decided that the kid will not face charges for murder since under Louisiana Laws, people under 10 years old will not get prosecuted.  

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This article caught my attention because the use of chemical weapon is a serious matter because it kills a lot of people. I’ll explain briefly how all this happened.  

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