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Of all the many things needed for life on Earth, one of the things that is most necessary but often taken for granted is breathing. In order for all life to continue on Earth, breathing is the most essential action above all, as even with food and water, without the appropriate gasses being absorbed in the lungs, gills or plants, life cannot be sustained. With this in mind it is important to realize that pollution causes poor air quality, which in turn leads to many deaths across the globe.

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October 17th 2017, The McGill Daily said in an article that Montreal was the second worst city in Canada for air pollution. It is the second most polluted right behind the town of Sarnia, Ontario. Sarnia, Ontario is an industrial city which explains why it would be number one. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the creator of the ranking of the most polluted cities of Canada. Although Montreal has a low ranking Canada still ranks third in the world for air quality according to the same organization.

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Since they began in the GMO business, Monsanto has caused a lot of collateral damage to the environment with their Genetically Modified crops. For example, their Monsanto Roundup Canola has made organic canola nonexistent in the prairies, according to Saskatchewan Organic Directorate, due do pollen drifting across fields, thereby contaminating the growth of organic canola and making it GMO as well. Their Roundup products have also, over the last thirty years, been shown to reduce the amphibian population as the main active ingredient in it. glyphosate, is very toxic.

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The article “Reframing Climate Change as a Health Issue”, written by Gary Humphreys, discusses how human activity, climate change and human health are all related. It begins by stating that WHO (World Health Organization) and the UN are researching how the decline in physical activity, climate change, and health are all connected. A couple of their major findings being that one in eight global deaths can be linked to air pollution, and how the change of climate alters the distribution of insects that spread deadly diseases, solidifying the link between the environment and health.

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