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Who takes care of the LGBT homicides? Author: Chad Felix Greene Date of publication: January 31, 2018 Title of the article: The reported spike in Anti-LGBT homicides is fake news Even today, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people still are the victims of violence, of aggression and of murders. From 2016 to 2017, the LGBT homicides rate has significantly increased. Indeed, the number of murders has doubled. For example, 28 LGBT Americans have been murdered in 2016 comparatively to 52 in 2017. However, in many cases, there is no suspect, motive or resolution and because of that, the police cannot really advance in their investigation. Moreover, most of the crimes including transgender or gay people are not really considered. Most of the time, nobody takes care of the victim’s gender identity and their murder is considered like a normal homicide among others. Therefore, the media are probably the only organization who can inform the population about that. I think that my article is credible because my source seems to be a newspaper where many other articles are published every day. Many people such reporters, editors, producers, writers and many others work for this newspaper and write about serious subjects of the topical. For this reason, I am sure this is a credible article.

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I recently found a text, written by Nina Berman, an American documentary photographer as well as an associate professor at Columbia University, called « The victims of fake news ». I read this article on the Columbia Journalism Review website, which is an American magazine, published at a frequency of two editions per year since 1961 by the Columbia University Graduate School of journalism. This magazine treats about news, media industry trends, analysis, professional ethics and the stories behind news.

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I’m going to explain in a simple manner the article I read that is called: Pope Francis vs Donald Trump: Each one has a guide to fake news — and they couldn't be more different. The article talks about, mainly, how pope Francis view Fake news. They compare their point of view, explaining how Donald Trump would just give you examples, Pope Francis would rather give you clue on how to figure out if a news is fake or not. It is more of a how to spot fake news guide.  

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