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In the article “Study shows urbanization’s impact on biodiversity “ by Mark Kinver, the subject matter at hand is how the earth’s biodiversity is being changed by the impacts of urbanization. The author explains how the use of green spaces in cities around the world has greatly benefited animals and plants alike. While the creation of cities has meant that many plants and animals have become lost in those areas, there have been specific species that have found a home in the urban sprawl.

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In the article “Canada agrees to work to prevent fishing in High Arctic” by The Canadian Press, five of the artic nations have agreed that all future commercial fishing in the central part of the Artic Ocean needs to temporarily stop. The five nations included Canada, the United States, Russia, Denmark and Norway, who all came to the same conclusion that a block on all commercial fishing should be put forth, which would give scientists enough time to complete their research. Unfortunately, when the fishing ban was proposed, only three of the nations supported it.

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                The University of British Columbia published an alarming article on the actual ocean space officially protected by governments. A grand total of four percent of the ocean is protected, amount far acceptable for any basic environmental targets. The cause of this study is the drastic loss of biodiversity across the world. The only realistic way to solve the problematic is to create more marine protected areas (MPAs). In 2010, representatives from 200 countries met in Nagoya, Japan, to discuss the issue.

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An article by Ada Carr discusses the effect plastic microbeads have on our environment and health

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                   A UN report estimates that by 2050, Africa’s population will have escalated to 2.5 billion. The article "How will a population boom change Africa?" presents ideas and solutions that will help the people of Africa deal with the sudden increase in population. 3 main solutions were presented. The first solution is to improve infrastructures and create employment for the young generation. Former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Obadiah Mailafia, argues that the increase in GDP doesn’t necessarily equal better conditions for the citizens.

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In an article in the Los Angeles Times, the journalists Matt Stevens and Monte Morin joined to address what would be a new for increasing the water supply in the state of California. The Metropolitan water district of southern California (MWD) is looking to invest in a plant that would purify water, recycle it and transform it into usable and drinkable water.

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