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The GMO (i.e. genetically modified organism) debate has been going on for quite some time. Many object to the genetic modification of the food that we consume, fearing the adverse consequences it might have on the human body health-wise. While others, mostly big name brands that are particularly implicated in the GMO industry (*cough* Monsanto) defend the benefits of this new technology and refute any claims that they might not be 100% safe long term.

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Despite the fact that we are now in 2015, some of the backwardness of the previous decades still remains; as proof, abortion is still a touchy subject for many people. Indeed, the debate about banning abortion is still far from over. Over the years, a “pro-choice” view of abortion in which the mother should be able to determine whether she wants to keep the child or not, has gradually taken over the society.

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As the modern society progresses at full speed, science becomes an inseparable part of our daily lives in multiple ways: such as the smartphones which are getting more and more multifunctional with every new generation offered to the public. But science itself is not just about better phones or laptops; it’s also about other domains, such as the very basis of our society: the human life. Nowadays, when someone caught a cold, all he or she has to do pop some pills and it will be better the following day.

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