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One of the main global environmental issues arising out of the modern world is plastic. According to an article written by Matthew Taylor for The Guardian, called Plastic Pollution Risks 'Near Permanent Contamination of Natural Environment’, a recent study showed the total amount of plastic produced as of this year is equivalent in weight to one billion elephants, and it will last for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. This study, led by Roland Geyer, U.S.

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Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest has become a large global environmental issue, destroying remote communities and permanently altering large ecosystems in the pursuit of profit and development. Recently, according to an article printed in the New York Times written by Ernesto Londono called Brazilian Judge Stymies Plan to Allow Mining in Amazon Region, a federal judge in Brazil temporarily halted a plan by the President Michel Temer to allow mining in a large area of the Amazon forest.

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